Resume Submission Dates:

2016 Dates -COMING SOON-

1. Resumes must be submitted in PDF or Word format. Files must be named in the following format; team name, year of competition. (ie. Team Cheshire, 2016)

2. Resumes will only be accepted during designated resume submission dates. Resumes submitted before of after the designated dates will be disregarded. Dates are posted above and on the US Preliminary facebook page.

3. An alternative member may be listed on the initial resume submission. If an alternative is not provided on the initial resume, a new resume must be created and re-submitted. Re-submission will only be allowed during the designated resume submission dates.  Read further information about the use of an alternative in General Rules and Information. PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT compete with an alternate, and then switch back to the original partner for finals.

4. Resumes will only be submitted to during designated resume submission dates. Dates are posted above and on the US Preliminary facebook page.

5. Subject line of email must contain name of the qualifier/final being entered, year of entry, team name, and ‘Resume Submission’ (ie. AnimeConvention, 2016, Team Cheshire, Resume Submission)

Resume Requirements

Both Team Members 

  • Full Legal Name
  • Cosplay Alias
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • US Passport Number
  • Cosplay website – (If applicable)
  • History of Major Awards
  • Why do you love to Cosplay?
  • Favorite Costumes – Must include 4 costumes and descriptions of why they are your favorites.  *Note – Four costumes per person, meaning a total of 8 photos and descriptions. This can be condensed down if there are photos with both participants.

Team Information

  • Team Name
  • Description of the Team – This will be your introduction when you enter the competition stage
  • Team Photo – A team photo must be included as an attachment to this resume and must be in cosplay. It does not need to be the costumes being worn for the preliminary round. This photo will be used on the WCS US social media before the finals event to announce teams participating. If you can’t get your team together to take a photo or have no photo to use, make a single photo by editing photos of each of you together. Please note we will not edit any photos for you.
  • Brief Description of Performance – This should be a very simply overview of what the performance will be.
  • Name of series and characters being competed in
  • Reference images of characters being used in competition *Note – Please provide at least one FULL image of each character. If there are costume changes, please provide at least one image per costume.

Alternative Partner Information

  • Full Legal Name
  • Cosplay Alias
  • Date of Birth
  • Age

Example Resume

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