US Preliminary Submission Dates:


1. Resumes must be submitted in PDF or Word format and files must be named your team name and the year of competition.

2. When submitting resumes, please include the name of the qualifier you are entering and your team name in the email subject line.

3. Resumes will only be accepted during the posted time for each convention; all others will be disregarded. This includes resumes received before submissions open, and after submissions have closed. See Dates listed per qualifier event.

4. Should one of you be unable to attend the event, you have the option to list an alternate for your group on your resume. If you do not have a preset alternate, you will have to re-enter and submit a new resume. Reapplying will only be allowed if the submission process is still open. Please provide the following for each team member:

~Full Legal Name:
~Cosplay Alias:
~Group Name: (If you don’t already have one, create one or the default that will be used are the two cosplay aliases)
~Date of Birth:
~Home Address:
~Contact Phone Number:
~Contact E-mail: (Make sure this is your regular email address that you check. All further emails for the event will be sent here.)
~US Passport: (yes/no if you have one at time of submission)
~Costume and Series intended for the prelim round (please include a reference image):
~Cosplay Website (if applicable):
~History of Major Costumes and Awards (include the conventions):
~Include a few sentences about why you love to cosplay
~Attach four photos of your favorite costumes that you’ve made, with descriptions as to why they are your favorites. For your team as a whole, please complete the following only once:

~Include the general idea that you will use for your performance * Include a team biography. This will be your introduction when you enter the competition stage. It only needs to be a couple of sentences.

~A team photo must also be included with the resume. In costume please. It does not need to be the costumes being worn for the preliminary round (We suggest that it not be). This photo will be released on the official Facebook page before the event. If you can’t get your team together to take a photo or have no photo to use, make a single photo by editing photos of each of you together. Please note we will not edit any photos for you.

~Send an additional copy of the group photo as an attachment as well as including it in the resume. Should you decide to elect an alternate for your team, please include the following for them: Full Legal Name, Cosplay Alias, and Age. If you switch to your alternate, a new resume will need to be resubmitted with the alternate’s full information, but your place will still be held to compete.

PLEASE NOTE: You may not compete with an alternate, and then switch back to the original partner for finals.

5. Resumes will be submitted to, but only during designated dates. These dates will be posted on the front page of the website as well as the US Preliminary facebook page.